Kamis, 04 Juni 2015

Prepare Honda Sportbike 250cc 2-cylinder New?

Japan's leading automotive magazine - Young Machine (YM) back horrendous global world of two wheels with the render on the latest Honda sportbike figure in the segment of the class 'small'.

Not long ago the magazine features the latest figure Honda sportbike that he named 'CBR250RR'. However, whether the motor is carrying 2-cylinder 250cc engine to its?

Hold that argument, it is all too clear yet. If YM dare give leak Honda 250cc sportbike with a double name R (RR), it signifies nothing to do with the CBR technology of the past.

If you consider the history of CBR-RR then we will find that the code 'RR' not carrying the 2-cylinder in-line but the 4-cylinder in-line, for example CBR400RR and CBR1000RR.

If not refer to the latest CBR figure then is there a product that approaches the technology?

One search of rumors, Honda reportedly preparing figure sportbike with a V-Twin engine configuration, 2-cylinder. Well, a figure that approaches the characteristics that lead to variant VTR250.

So how in your opinion, the bikers?
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Complain Machine, Marquez Request Honda Picking

Repsol Honda rider Marc Marquez encourage the Department of Racing Honda (HRC) to make improvements on the RC213V bike he values ​​too aggressive. According to Marquez, it is this which makes it inconsistent in the first five MotoGP series in 2015.

Ahead of this weekend's Italian MotoGP, Marquez was ranked fourth in the rider standings with 69 points. He even recently won two podiums, which is one victory in Austin, Texas and finish second in Jerez, Spain.

"I believe in Honda expertise. We have a lot of ideas and I am sure they are working hard. Updates will come, and I will improve the ability. The problem is the machine we are very aggressive," he said through GPone.

Marquez also claimed to have been aware of this since the post-season test in Valencia, Spain last year. The defending world champion is even stated that the tandem, Dani Pedrosa felt the same thing.

"With the engine sealed, of course we can not change it. But we can work around through electronic and chassis. But on weekends racing, very difficult to do. Machine too aggressive and I and Dani asked Honda to change it," he concluded. (Gpo / kny)
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