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Detail Specifications NMAX, the Challenger Honda PCX 150

Present a competitor Honda PCX 150, Yamaha NMAX a premium automatic scooter Yamaha first manufactured in Indonesia. Unsparing, the motor is present as a new category of The Ultimate Sports Matic or automatic high-performance sport is also becoming a global model for the world market.

"The motor that is part of the family MAX Series for the first time we present in Indonesia, as well as the world premiere," said Mohammad Masykur, Assistant GM Marketing of PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing at the launch of Yamaha NMAX at the Sentul Circuit, Tuesday (10/02).

Tech 155cc engines rely Blue Core, NMAX became the first motorcycle in the world to apply the technology VVA (Variable Valve actuation), where the technology is able to maintain power output and more responsive acceleration pontiac firebird 2015.

"VVA technology from Yamaha's latest innovation is the right solution for users of motor to get torque and maximum power at all engine rpm," he explained.

Carrying City Commuter concept with Global Prestige, NMAX design inspired by TMAX brother who first stole the attention of global markets, especially in Europe. Although bongsor bodied, with engine design and compact body allows NMAX the motor weighs lightest in its class. Footrest that offers roomy driving position suitable for the use of aggressive and relaxed.

Besides offering reliability performance of the engine, the motor, dubbed 'The Baby TMAX' is equipped with various advanced technology, such as the use of LED lights and stop lamp for a headlamp, front and rear disc brakes with ABS and Digital Speedometer.

Digital Speedometer NMAX has unique characteristics, which not only shows the mileage and speed, but also showing Oil Trip Meter and V-Belt Meter. Matters of pricing, NMAX called a competitor PCX 150 is priced quite special, that Rp27,4 million for On The Road Jakarta and have four color variants of Red Metallic, Matt Yellowish Gray Metallic, White Metallic and Black Metallic.
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Prepare Honda Sportbike 250cc 2-cylinder New?

Japan's leading automotive magazine - Young Machine (YM) back horrendous global world of two wheels with the render on the latest Honda sportbike figure in the segment of the class 'small'.

Not long ago the magazine features the latest figure Honda sportbike that he named 'CBR250RR'. However, whether the motor is carrying 2-cylinder 250cc engine to its?

Hold that argument, it is all too clear yet. If YM dare give leak Honda 250cc sportbike with a double name R (RR), it signifies nothing to do with the CBR technology of the past.

If you consider the history of CBR-RR then we will find that the code 'RR' not carrying the 2-cylinder in-line but the 4-cylinder in-line, for example CBR400RR and CBR1000RR.

If not refer to the latest CBR figure then is there a product that approaches the technology?

One search of rumors, Honda reportedly preparing figure sportbike with a V-Twin engine configuration, 2-cylinder. Well, a figure that approaches the characteristics that lead to variant VTR250.

So how in your opinion, the bikers?
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Complain Machine, Marquez Request Honda Picking

Repsol Honda rider Marc Marquez encourage the Department of Racing Honda (HRC) to make improvements on the RC213V bike he values ​​too aggressive. According to Marquez, it is this which makes it inconsistent in the first five MotoGP series in 2015.

Ahead of this weekend's Italian MotoGP, Marquez was ranked fourth in the rider standings with 69 points. He even recently won two podiums, which is one victory in Austin, Texas and finish second in Jerez, Spain.

"I believe in Honda expertise. We have a lot of ideas and I am sure they are working hard. Updates will come, and I will improve the ability. The problem is the machine we are very aggressive," he said through GPone.

Marquez also claimed to have been aware of this since the post-season test in Valencia, Spain last year. The defending world champion is even stated that the tandem, Dani Pedrosa felt the same thing.

"With the engine sealed, of course we can not change it. But we can work around through electronic and chassis. But on weekends racing, very difficult to do. Machine too aggressive and I and Dani asked Honda to change it," he concluded. (Gpo / kny)
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Pontiac and Publish Planning Honda MPV Cheaper than Mobilio!

After menggeber world market with three models of the sedan, hatchback and MPV also all based on the model of the Honda Brio, automotive giant State Sakura is apparently not satisfied to return fielded punggawanya are not only luxury, but also friendly on the pocket.

In order to increase market share in the middle Honda MPV sales, according to news released Motorbeam some time ago, the automaker is currently planning to create a low-MPV segment under Honda Mobilio. Plus, this new model also will be priced less than Mobilio.

This step is believed to be a strategic action given lunge Honda Mobilio as a new player quite a hard sell in the market. But considering Mobilio now quite light in the bag, such as a model of what else is going at present Honda if the price is still cheaper him?

Still very difficult to answer the question above. A good response to the sale Datsun GO + Panca touted as a trigger Honda to back falls in the segment of cheap cars, because so far only rely Honda Brio Satya.
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Modern Aura Concept MPV Honda

Realizing the futuristic appearance of a multi-purposive car (MPV), one of Honda's concept of artificial beautiful abandoned hope irreplaceable in the hearts of the audience of the family car.

Carrying the name of Honda Concept M, mounts the work of designer Automobile R & D Center of Japan is seems to be a new breakthrough in the mat Shanghai Auto Show in 2013 and armed with a radical appearance that made its flagship.

Bongsor body character messing 'Concept M' provides an elegant aura beam funky with the front-end is fairly high.

Not only that, part of the fascia decorated with unique two-tier grille and a pair of air intake and unusual headlight look so menggurkan offer for consumers who like cars dressed 'different'.

Until now there was no information regarding the additional specifications of the Honda minivan concept that reportedly will be released in the first special in the Chinese market.

But great hopes that one day he so entered production equipped kitchen complete with a turbocharged gasoline engine Earth Dream pride Honda technology.
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